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(Note: DataOrganizer is now available. It is the successor to BayCard for database uses. Although BayCard has not been updated in years, it is still available for legacy versions of macOS.)

BayCard is an easy-to-use database program that was designed to allow non-programmers to bring their own visions to life without the need to learn how to write code.

So what can you actually do with BayCard? Use it to organize your life. Or perhaps to design a presentation. You can even use it to design a simple point-and-click adventure. The best part about BayCard is that you can utilize the program in ways we never even envisioned.

BayCard was influenced by HyperCard. Like HyperCard, a BayCard document can be thought of as a stack of index cards. As a result, BayCard documents are usually referred to as stacks. Each stack contains a background that appears below all cards.


11 Stack Templates
BayCard includes various stack templates, including: Book Collection, CD Collection, DVD Collection, Games, Medications, Notes, Recipes, Serial Numbers, Simple Presentation, To Dos, and Vocabulary. Not surprisingly, an empty “Blank” template is also included.

No Scripting Language
No need to write code. No need to learn how to program. In place of a scripting language is a collection of…

…Over 25 Powerful Interface Widgets
The following interface widgets are included: Push Buttons, Invisible Buttons, Pop Up Buttons, Check Boxes, Image Wells, iTunes-style Ratings, Web Pages, Lists, Tables, Cards Source Lists, Horizontal Separators, Vertical Separators, Images, Movies, Text Fields, Combo Text Fields, Number Fields, Currency Fields, URL Fields, Card Name Fields, Rich Text Editors, Date Pickers, Labels, and 10 distinct shapes. All widgets are 100 percent real and, as such, your BayCard creations will look and feel just like any other aspect of the Mac experience.


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