Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a manual for DataOrganizer?

A manual is available in the form of a help book. See the Help menu in DataOrganizer for more info. Since forms and fields are the heart of the app, a direct link to that particular page in the help book is also listed in the Help menu. In addition to menu items, the search bar in the Help menu can also be used to search the help book.

Help Menu screenshot

Where does DataOrganizer store its data files? How can I make a backup of such files?

The data is stored at <Your User Folder>/Library/Group Containers/

The user's Library folder is invisible in modern versions of macOS, although you can view the DataOrganizer data files by using the following workaround:

Go to Folder modern screenshot

Go to Folder classic screenshot

If you would like to make a backup of these files, copy the “” folder, itself, and not just its contents.

How much does DataOrganizer cost?

In US dollars, DataOrganizer is available at $3/month or $30/year.

Outside the US, DataOrganizer will show you the costs in your local currency. The opening screen for DataOrganizer will display buttons with the monthly and yearly costs, as well as a button for a 14-day trial.

Unlike most subscription-based apps on the App Stores, the free 14 day trial does not auto-enroll accounts into a paid subscription plan. At the conclusion of a trial, DataOrganizer simply displays the same subscription plan chooser that appeared during the initial launch. If you have already started the trial, this is when you can then see the monthly and annual subscription prices.)

Note: Customers who purchased DataOrganizer before April 27, 2023 will continue to be able to renew their subscription at the original price of $2/month or $20/year so as long as they resubscribe within 60 days of expiration. (The 60 days is an App Store policy and cannot be changed.)

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Are there any plans for iCloud support? And what about an iOS/iPadOS version?

First, any unreleased software — including new apps and new features to existing apps—falls under the category of “no promises”. I cannot make any guarantees regarding any unfinished and unreleased software, although I can talk about potential plans. With all of that said…

Both iCloud support and an iOS/iPadOS are under strong consideration. I consider both iCloud support and an iOS version to be very important. (iCloud is effectively a requirement for the iOS version, as I do not think it would otherwise make much sense to have an iOS version if the macOS and iOS version cannot sync with each other.)

Both are under active development, although there is nothing to announce at this time. A public beta — perhaps utilizing TestFlight — is a possibility.

I have determined that DataOrganizer does not (or no longer) meets my needs. I would like to cancel my subscription. How should I proceed?

First, DataOrganizer uses a different mechanism for the 14 day trial than most subscription apps on the both the App Store and Mac App Store. The trial expires after 14 days and does not automatically enroll you in a subscription plan. So as long as you never enrolled in a monthly or yearly plan, no further action is needed.

If you have enrolled in a monthly or yearly subscription, you can turn off auto renewals using the App Store's Subscriptions area. (Note: For reasons mentioned above, DataOrganizer will not be listed in the Subscriptions area if the 14 day trial was the only “purchase”.)

DataOrganizer crashed. Or I have a feature request. What should I do?

Choose “Send Feedback” from the DataOrganizer app menu. (Alternately, send me an email.)

For bugs, please include as much information as you can remember regarding the crash, such as the events that occurred right before the crash. In addition, please include the following information if the report is not sent using “Send Feedback”. (“Send Feedback” automatically adds this information to the message’s subject.):

In addition, please consider sending the corresponding macOS crash reports if you are confortable doing so.

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How can I send you crash reports?

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