Privacy Policy

Last updated: November 16, 2022

The good news is that we do not know much about you. We have have attempted to know as little about you as possible. Between our apps and our website, we do not collect any information about you. And because Apple handles all of the billing through your Apple accounts, we do not have access to any billing or purchase information (See the Third Party section for more info.) We do not even have a list of our own customers.

If you contact us, such as by email, then any message that you send to us will contain personal information. We may use such personal information, such as an email address, to reply to your message. In addition, we may use such messages and any attached data to improve the quality of our apps. We also may archive such messages — including any attached data — for later reference.

We won't share your information with others unless we have your consent or as required to by law.

Third Parties

Although we do not collect your personal information, we do rely on multiple third parties. Such third parties may have have their own set of privacy practices that differ from our own and may collect additional data from you. Such collection is not in our control and we may not have access to some or all of it. For more information concerning such practices, please consult each party's own privacy policies.


All of our paid apps are sold through one of Apple's app stores (the App Store or the Mac App Store). Because Apple handles payment transactions for app store apps, they store and maintain all of your account information (name, credit card information, etc.).

Such information is not available to app store developers and, as such, we do not have access to your account data. We do not know anything about you unless you contact us through another means (email, twitter, etc). If you do decide to contact us, then we may use such information (email address, twitter handle, etc.) to respond to your original message and any potential followup messages. We may also use any information that you provided to improve the quality of our apps.

Some of our apps, including all of our subscription-based apps, make use of Apple’s in-app purchase ("IAP") system . We will contact Apple’s IAP servers under a few circumstances:

Some of our apps require use of Apple's system Contacts and/or Calendar database for certain features. They may also link to other files. Finally, some features my require use of location data. Per Apple policy, we cannot access such data until you give us permission. Should permission be granted, we only use such information for app-specific features that require such access. This information is not sent back to us.

If you chose to send anonymous data to Apple, then Apple may send us crash reports should one of our apps crash on one of your devices. Such information is used by us to fix bugs and improve the overall quality of our apps.

Apple provides us with an App Analytics page. For each app, Apple provides us with number of impressions, app units, sales, sessions, and crashes. This information is anonymous and is not linked to any account.

[Apple Customer Privacy Policy]

Pair Networks is hosted by Pair Networks.

We have access to server logs that include an assortment of information, such as: client IP address, request date/time, page requested, HTTP code, bytes served, user agent, and referrer. Unless compelled to by law, we do not expect to consult the raw server logs very often, if ever. The only information that would be of interest to us would be bandwidth, number of visitors, what pages our visitors viewed, as well as where our visitors came from (the referrers).

[Pair Networks Privacy Policy]


Our blog is hosted by WordPress. WordPress is a product of Automattic.

[Automattic Privacy Policy]


@bayhoff and @bayhoffdev are our Twitter handles.

[Twitter Privacy Policy]

We have a account (@bayhoff).

[ Privacy Policy]


We occasionally post videos in our YouTube channel. YouTube is a subsidiary of Google.

[Google Privacy and Terms] (RSS) is our Mastodon account.

[ Privacy Policy]


In addition to the above, we may link to — or even embed — other services not mentioned above in our webpages, blogs, or other accounts we have with the above third-party services. They may have their own policies that differ from the above.

Health Data

Note: This section only applies to our apps that make use of health data. Specifically, this section details how our health-related apps obtain your data and what our apps then do with such data once obtained. As of this writing, StepStats is our only health-related app.

If authorized using the Health Access screen, StepStats requests read-only access to all step data (and only step data) that is stored on the device. StepStats then queries the builtin Health system for all step data (“health information”) in specific time intervals (day, week, month, year). After the query concludes, StepStats then performs several calculations on the results of the query, such as count, minimum, maximum, average, total. Finally, StepStats updates itself to display such health information — both the results of the calculations and the results of the query — to you on the screen of your device. Queries may be performed multiple times throughout the run of StepStats.

StepStats does not independently archive or save any health information that it requests from the Health system, nor does it share such information with us or any third party. Upon relaunch or reactivation, StepStats will simply re-query the Health system for updated step information.


November 16, 2022

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